Collection: Intercom Manual Machines

Intercom Manual Machines

Collection: Intercom Manual Machines

State of the art adhesive spray machines...


Advanced Design for Industrial Efficiency

Each Intercom Manual Machine is designed with a vacuum bench placed on a base, ensuring easy placement and mobility within factory settings. The machines feature an adjustable height, providing ergonomic benefits during operation.Equipped with a silent and powerful engine, these machines offer efficient and reliable performance.

Versatile in Style

The G6 spray gun, positioned strategically, offers an ergonomic handle for precise and efficient application. Offering a range from a minimum 3mm jet to a maximum cone-shaped jet of 50mm. This versatility makes the Intercom Manual Machines adaptable to various industrial adhesive application needs.

Exclusive Supply by A&A Crack & Sons

These cutting-edge Intercom Manual Machines are exclusively supplied to AACrack, establishing them as a trusted source for advanced adhesive application technology.