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Collection: Paintbox Metallic

Paintbox Metallic

Collection: Paintbox Metallic

Paintbox with a metallic finish...

Unleash Your Imagination with Metallic Shades

Take your creativity to new heights with our Paintbox Metallic leather. The possibilities with this leather shine as brilliantly as the leather itself! Choose from a vast colour palette where metallic gold, silver, and diamond hues conjure up all kinds of ideas for your leather creations!

A Touch of Class

With its spongy, slouchy and luxurious touch, these hides boast a rounded feel, adding an extra layer of opulence and making them perfect for an array of high-quality leather goods, including footwear and equestrian products. What’s more is that the classic Italian 'Dollaro' embossment, recognised globally as a symbol of leading fashion brands, graces each hide.

Elegant Leather Creations

When it comes to creating leather goods that exude luxury and charm, Paintbox Metallic is your perfect partner. The shimmering colours of this collection are carefully crafted to add a touch of drama to your designs. Explore our full metallic colour range and notice how each one demands attention and admiration. Whether it’s the richness of gold, the coolness of silver, or the timeless appeal of diamonds, you too can elevate your leather products to a realm of their own with A&A Crack.