Wickett & Craig

Collection: Wickett & Craig English Bridle

Wickett & Craig English Bridle

    Collection: Wickett & Craig English Bridle

    Drum dyed & hot stuffed…

    A Tradition of Excellence

    A&A Crack & Sons are proud to offer the time-honoured tradition of English Bridle leather from the prestigious American tannery, Wickett & Craig. This leather exceeds expectations and offers more than just a remarkable material; it's a labour-intensive work of art. You’ll notice how the dedication to traditional craftsmanship is evident in every inch of this leather.

    A Versatile Classic

    Wickett & Craig's English Bridle leather has a rich history of being used in classic equestrian gear, including saddles and reins. However, its versatility goes far beyond the stable. This leather is equally at home in the world of high-end leather goods. The smooth, flexible, and incredibly durable nature of English Bridle makes it a top choice for creating timeless and functional products.

    The Beauty of Drum-Dyed, Hot Stuffed Leather

    The magic of English Bridle leather lies in its meticulous crafting. Drum-dyed and hot stuffed, it acquires a beautiful, even surface that is both flawless and inviting. This leather's pure vegetable tanning process not only enhances its aesthetics but also ensures its longevity. Available in both heavy and lightweight versions, the lightweight variant features a treated flesh side, adding to its appeal and versatility.